Open_sailing Workshop

This workshop sought to get us to experience a site in different ways – gaining a different perspective we would not otherwise gain. To achieve this we were asked to create wearable devices that would make us experience things in a single or multi-sensory way with two “vehicles” (us!) who were connected to each other, influencing each other’s experience of the space.

We had great fun doing this and really embraced this way of working. Thanks again to the guys from open_sailing for coming down and showing us an alternative methodology of creative process.

Check out our videos below…

Eternal Recurrence – Elephant Business

Porcupine Mapping

Sensory Survey

A Wax in the Park

“First Attempt…”

Iron Man


  1. Hey Rob

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for putting so much effort into the days – we had a great time, and really appreciate that you all threw yourselves in at the deep end with the stuff you made! Hopefully the workshop will have some resonance and relevance to your projects, and the way you approach sites in the future.

    I made a little video I thought you may like to see – feel free to download / repost / use wherever!

    video | blog post

    Ollie :)

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