Open_Sailing workshop 5-6/11/10

Friday (and Saturday’s) workshop this week will be run by people from Open_Sailing!

“Open Sailing aims to design and invent future lifestyles to overcome any possible natural and manmade disasters stimulating people’s ingenuity and sense of solidarity. Might it be global warming or energy conflicts, we are living in a time where we are sniffing the ‘Apocalypse’, finally realising our human part of responsibility as the earth is crumbling. 2012 is a year when a collection of apocalyptic events are rumored to happen. We are taking 2012 as an ideal dystopic symbol we design for. 2012 is tomorrow, we must design quickly using these constraints and invent bootstrapping DIY technologies.”

“In the process of engineering this new research facility we may invent a new architecture family, a soft architecture, a bioarchitecture in symbiosis with the environment.”

“Ocean survival architecture has been a strong source of inspiration but we need to go further than surviving : how can we live together in this new fluid configuration and remain a hyper-connected intelligent social being? We are trying to make a truly “open architecture”: pre-broken, under-defined, reconfigurable, moveable, pluggable, organic, fluid. Can we reach a harmonious dynamic state of interdependence with each other and the blue planet? Will this lead to the next step of civilization progress?  Will we dissociate our concept of progress with infrastructure and metropolis?”

Come prepared for the workshop with cameras, model-making equipment and tape measures!  Should be interesting…

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