Project 1 – Urban Games – Exhibition

Running until the 28th of October on the Second Floor Gallery, Roland Levinsky Building.

Consider a town or a city which you know well and like; i.e., one in which you have spent a great deal of time in either as a temporary resident, long-term resident, commuting worker or visitor. You are to produce the following:

1)    A game that articulates the guidelines, limits, norms and rules which structure our experience and understanding of the city. You are open to how you conceptualise and make your game; e.g.: as a board game complete with relevant game pieces (e.g., markers, dice); perhaps as a set of instructions for a game that is played elsewhere; or maybe as a computer-based game. The instructions on how to play the game should be easily accessible, allowing another person to play it and through this activity become aware and/or understand the nature of the structural frameworks you think constitute and inform the urban condition.

2)    An A4 illustration which acts as a frontispiece for your game.

3)    A piece of text on an A4 sheet which provides parallel commentary on your game, specifically on the themes raised by / addressed in your game and your overall attitude towards how the city is structured. The nature of this text may range from a critique of existing conditions to a manifesto for future action, and be written in either descriptive or narrative format. You should support your text with reference to appropriate discourse where relevant.

Below is a taste of some of the projects you can see, so go check them out!

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