This year the MArch 2 Year students will be working on a live project in the city of Słupsk and Ustka( in the North West of Poland near the Baltic Sea on the Slupia river). The context of the area raises question of appropriate models of sustainable urban regeneration in an area that has significant social and economic challenges. This project will look for new more inclusive, participatory and sustainable models of development.

Our study basecamp in the beautiful city of Ustka on the Baltic Sea.

How do the residents see the future of Słupsk & Ustka?

What are the strengths, weaknesses, potentials of this area?

What model of development should the cities follow?

What are the potential areas of intervention?

These and other questions we were asking in the past 3 days on the workshop with the local planners, in the discussion with residents, local architects, members of the council and meeting the Mayor of Słupsk Robert Biedroń.

Great discussion on the development of Słupsk with the mayor Robert Biedron at the Town Hall.

27/5/2015, the deadline for Year 2 design submission and today is the sum-up of the overall. The projects from all of us are varied from housing design, faculty design, etc. All of us have different design proposal for what we want to test out and resolve. The models, as you can see from the photos, are to show spatial design with users, to create/test mixture of materials (concrete, bricks with coffee, etc.) and also to show the technical details.

Two years of Master of Architecture in Plymouth University, time flies and we are done :)

To explore our own idea, to do what we think is right, this is what we can.

Thursday morning was the final deadline for first year and on Friday we met up to have a final look at each others work and how we think each of our own work has gone this term. It has been a long year and lots of great final projects on display showing different approaches to Tottenham Hale.

It was interesting on Friday to hear what people felt the strength and weaknesses of there work was, and how we might do things differently in 2nd year. The goal of first year is to develop ideas and theories and it will be good to see how people further this years work in 2nd year when we are working with a site in Poland.

Until September however it is time for everyone to take a well earned break over the summer and look forward to seeing the 2nd years work next week.

There will be an opportunity to see some of the first year work alongside second year projects at our end of year show in London on 10th June.

Friday was the final interim review for second year before the work is presented in May. There was the opportunity to get feedback on a range of disciplines from environmental design, building technologies and the translation of strategic design into architecture. We also peer reviewed one another to give additional input and ideas.
The review encouraged us to develop our ideas quickly and make decisions, concerning all aspects of design, so that we could receive a variety of feedback to build upon during the Easter break. With only 8 and a half weeks remaining until the final pin up everyone was excited about pushing their projects further to completion before life in the real world is upon us.
Friday was also the sneak preview of our upcoming book Radical Inclusivity which has been edited by Krzysztof and the publishing team so watch this space for information on the book launch and how you can get your hands on a copy.

Happy Easter Holidays!

With the end of term coming up first years had their last review before the final design deadline on Monday. It provided a last opportunity to get feedback on the different aspects of the projects before hunkering down and getting everything finished. Each project was reviewed 3 times, for design, environmental aspects and structure. Structure in particular was useful as it gave many of us a chance to discuss how the building would be assembled or particular structural questions, especially useful for the technical heavy projects attempting new ideas.

All in all it was a long day and I think a lot of us have found out we’ve still got quite a bit more work to do over the next couple of months, but that was the point of the review. Was also a great opportunity for us to see each others work and check out some of the projects and the direction everyone is taking their work. The projects are continuing to develop well and its going to be a real mix bag of ideas for the final presentations, always interesting how different people will approach the same site in such a diverse way.

This week, interim review for second year of MArch. Its time to review what we have done for the past 3 months. There are variety of strategies implemented across all the projects, tackling social, environmental, economical issues of Katowice and of course to help the client, University of Silesia. Students are divided to present to different tutors for design review, structural review and for environmetal. Besides, we do found helpful to present to the other Year 2, to know more about each project and able to have different discussion and feedback other than the tutors. There are some interesting dicussion during the day as well. As commented from the lecturers, all our project are almost solid but more to be done for the better. Do hope everything goes well and shall see our update after 3 weeks! All the best guys!


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